Amla C Plus Powder (4oz)

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Vitamin C from Mother Nature direct to your mommy.

  • Great source of antioxidants
  • May support a healthy immune system & the body`s natural defenses against bacteria and viruses
  • May support a healthy digestive system
  • Far superior to synthetic sources of vitamin C (such as isolated `ascorbic acid`)
The Amla berry is one of the most extensively used foods in Ayurvedic medicine and is Mother Nature`s very best source of vitamin C. Each Amla fruit contains up to 700 mg of vitamin C and a full spectrum of bioflavonoids and supporting nutrients. A unique blend of 80% Amla berry and 20% Spirulina, Purium`s Amla-C Plus has no artificial ingredients, isolated nutrients, GMOs, fillers, sweeteners or additives. We recommend combining Amla C Plus with the Power ShakeTM for a comprehensive `multivitamin drink` from whole food sources.
Servings per 4 oz container: 23
Servings per 500 count container: 50
Instructions: Amla C Plus is a whole food, so you can take it either with meals or on an empty stomach. For powder - Take 1.5 tsp mixed with approximately 8 oz of a green drink, green tea, juice, or water. For tablets - Take 10 tablets daily. (May spread serving out over the day, if desired.)


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